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Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, launched in 2009. It is also the first wide-scale, real-world application of blockchain technology. Bitcoin (BTC) is a decentralized network which uses a public ledger to approve transactions, eliminating the need for third party approval (such as a bank). It also operates free of a governing body, such as a central bank, and all changes in the network require consensus from its members. While initially BTC value was extremely low, priced at fractions of cents, it picked up steam over the years, reaching price levels in the thousands of dollars for a single Bitcoin token and a market cap in the hundreds of billions.

The Bitcoin chart often displays extreme volatility, having short-term price spikes and tumbles. Sometimes, when the Bitcoin price is on the rise, more people are inclined to buy Bitcoin, fueling its positive run further. On the other hand, when the Bitcoin value is on the decline, it can prompt existing investors to sell their Bitcoin and push prices down. Moreover, Bitcoin is considered the bellwether of the cryptocurrency space, so it can often generate industry-wide trends.

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What is foreign exchange trading?

Operations in foreign exchange include a combination of two foreign currencies (known as cross or currency pair) in which one is bought (long) and the other is sold (short). A dealer speculates with the provision that one of the foreign currencies will gain more value vis-à-vis another one. A successful operation anticipates the exchange rate fluctuation between foreign currencies.

The foreign exchange market is the largest in the world. It has a daily trading volume estimated in 4 trillion dollars. This is a much higher amount than the sum of the equity and future markets.

  • Operate spot or forwards foreign currency.
  • Access to great liquidity.
  • Fair prices and executions.

Operation in precious metals:

GPAM offers the amazing quantity of 18 currency crosses with precious metals. Gold, silver, platinum and palladium are available as spot operated commodities,which is ideal both for short term and long term speculative operation. Gold and silver, among others, can be traded against the US dollar, the euro, the yen, the Australian dollar and the Hong Kong dollar. Both platinum and palladium are operated against the US dollar.

Take into account the potential for precious metals when:

  • Diversifying an existent foreign currency portfolio
  • Operating long or short term on prices updated in real time
  • Leveraging your investment
  • Operating from an ounce with all types of available advanced orders

Operation of forwards online:

GPAM offers forwards for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies at a specific date of future operation. Most spot crossings are available as forwards with real time prices in the platforms.

What is a foreign currency forward?

Foreign currency forwards allow investors to take advantage from interest rate differentials between two foreign currencies and to hedge the exposure to foreign currency. When buying a foreign currency with a future date and value at a fixed price, the trader who uses forwards may avoid a risky exposure to exchange rate fluctuations.

With forwards on line, dealers can:

  • Hedge trade risks to compensate exchange rate fluctuations of a foreign currency transaction with future date.
  • Take advantage from interest rate differentials between two currencies.
  • Access to a wide range of forwards with real time prices in all platforms.
  • Select any value date up to six months(forward), including truncated dates.
  • Negotiate from the same operation module than the spot by just changing the value date.

Operation on interest rate differentials

Forwards allow investors to take advantage of interest rate differentials between two currencies. For example, if USDCHF operates as a forward, then it is speculating on four interest rates: the USD, the CHF, the USDCHF spot and the USDCHF forward (the rate used to determine the current price of the foreign currency transaction with a future date).

Hedgingexchange risks

Companies working at an international level may experiment volatility in foreign Exchange markets, which may cause more incertitude both for benefits and for capital. Forwards can help mitigate these risks by allowing negotiators to protect their foreign currency transactions for a future date at an interest rate agreed on now. This neutralizes exchange rates fluctuation.

Successfuldealers know that the secret lies in comparing risk to investment potential. GPAM gives traders direct access to share markets throughout the world, as well as the opportunity of hedging and/or diversifying its shares portfolio with many other types of assets, from only one trading account and at some really flexible and competitive prices.

GPAM allows offline negotiation of a wide range of more than 250 sovereign bonds and corporate bonds in US dollars, euros and pounds sterling, either on the telephone or through online access with specialized brokers. Orders may also be placed by e-mail. This allows bond positions to have a real time follow-up through trading platforms.

Fixed income bonds

  • Low dealing fees.
  • Negotiation of a great selection of sovereign and corporate bonds.

Simple operation of bonds

To offer an alternative for times in which the foreign exchange and equity markets are unpredictable or stagnant, bonds are presented as an important conservative component to preserve the capital of an investment portfolio.

With GPAM, you can place an order for bonds online by writing an e-mail to gpam@globalpremiumam.com with your customer ID, ISIN code and the cash or nominal amount of the purchase. All bonds are negotiated offline with our supervision.

What is a Mutual Fund?

A Mutual Fund is formed through the contribution of a group of people who invest with similar profitability and risk objectives.The assets of the group are administered by GPAM, which obtains the highest potential profitability, controlling risk and investment costs.

Basically these are products whose main characteristic is offering the investor the possibility of benefiting from the bullish (or bearish, according to the chosen structure) trend of stock markets, but with the guarantee of recovering their investment.

The customer hires a product for which the issuer guarantees the value to maturity of securities, and a profitability which, instead of being in function of interest rates, is attached to another variable, usually some shares, inflation or stock index.

Custody of securities

You count on our experts to guard your bonds, shares and other securities.

To manage your world portfolios, you need services of custody and settlement of securities in different markets. GPAM provides such services through its global network and compliance with the highest international quality standards. Your account officer will provide you with information and a consolidated report of your holdings and transactions.


  • Custody
  • Settlement of transactions
  • Collection of Dividends/ Income/ Depreciations
  • Securities and Cash Securities
  • Reports
  • Services for the Shareholder
  • Portfolios Valuation
  • Transfer of Funds.

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